Our production company, Four26 Studios, will make sure the music side of your event is seamless so that you can focus on your guests and enjoy the party! Here are some of the usual questions they receive before an event with THE SHAVES. 

What type of events do you play?

Private Parties + Weddings + Corporate Events + Festivals are our jam, but you can also book us for your restaurant and/or bar.  

What style of music do you play?

Consider THE SHAVES your very own live music experts, blending songs and bending genres from contemporary and classic pop, rock, R&B, classical, alternative, and disco charts to create the perfect mix for your event. You can check out a sampling of our song catalog here

Can I choose the music for my event?

With hundreds of songs in our repertoire we've got something for everyone. But we aren't your everyday canned-band. No two events are ever the same because we work so closely with each client to create a customized music experience. While it's important for the band to have some freedom to respond to the room in the moment (that's always when the magic happens!), we are committed to working with you to make sure you are hearing the music you like. Once you check out our song catalog, you can let us know if there are songs you'd like us to learn or songs you'd like us to avoid.  We're happy to work with you! 

Can you help me find the perfect song for our special occasion?

We'd love to! The perfect song can often take your event to the next level. With THE SHAVES you have the unique opportunity to work with our production company, Four26 Studios, to have a custom song created just for you that we can play at your event and/or record for you to share with your guests. Your custom song will capture exactly the right story and emotions for your special occasion. (Perfect for a first dance at a wedding, milestone birthdays, retirement parties, special anniversaries, video montages, and more!) 

Can THE SHAVES play the ceremony and cocktail hour at our wedding?

Of course!  Our musicians are well-versed in multiple genres and are happy to provide music for your ceremony and perform for your cocktail hour - even down to specific themes and song requests.   With hundreds of songs in their repertoire from Beethoven to the Beastie Boys, THE SHAVES deliver exactly the right entertainment at the right moments. 

Can someone from THE SHAVES MC my event?

We'd love to!  In the weeks leading up to your event we'll go over all of the details to make sure we've got it right. 

Do you travel?

Absolutely!  We love seeing new places and are happy to bring the party to you! 

How much do you charge and when do I pay?

We want you to have a customized experience with THE SHAVES so how much we charge is based on your needs and your budget. There are many variables that go into pricing, such as: the number of musicians you need, the length of the event, how far we need to travel, etc... No matter what you need we can help you make it a reality. Let's talk to make it happen! When you book THE SHAVES, you'll pay a 20% deposit to secure your date. The balance is due a week before the event. 

How long do you play for?

With THE SHAVES no two events are ever the same, so how long we play will be based on your needs and your budget. One thing you can count on is that no matter how long an event runs - we will play our hearts out - from the first note to the last song! We will work closely with you to determine when breaks would work best. (Usually perfectly timed with speeches and other event formalities.)  And if you want to keep the party going non-stop with live music, we're happy to oblige!

Can you DJ during breaks?

For sure! You can send us a list of the songs you want to hear or we can create a list for you. DJ service is always included in our fee. It's our goal to keep the room buzzing when we aren't on stage. 

Can THE SHAVES stay late the night of?

Yes we can - and yes we do! It's not uncommon for the party to be so much fun that you don't want it to stop. We want you to have a blast at your event. If you know in advance that your event might go late, we'd appreciate a heads up. 

Can you bring additional instrumentation?

Absolutely! Want to add keys, sax, or other instruments? Just let us know! We've got a huge network of talented musicians that we play with.

What will THE SHAVES wear at my event?

We dress in an appropriate style to match each occasion. If you have specific requests regarding attire, just let us know! 

Do THE SHAVES provide a sound system?

We sure do! We'll have you covered for everything you need as it relates to music. 

Can we use your sound equipment for speeches and toasts?

Please do! Just no mic drops, please. (This stuff is expensive and more fragile than you'd think!)

Can I see THE SHAVES perform before I book them?

We'd love to see you at one of our shows! Please check out our Calendar for upcoming performances.  

How far ahead of the event will you be in contact to go over the day-of-details?

Someone from our production company, Four26 Studios, will be in touch weeks before the event to finalize the details. But feel free to reach out to them anytime!

Who will be my contact on the day of?

Lucky for us, our production company, Four26 Studios, is also owned and operated by Peter & Becki of THE SHAVES! They will be your primary contacts throughout the process, including the day of and on-site.  

What do THE SHAVES require at the performance?

A meal for every musician and our sound guy, electrical power, and a covered space on a flat, hard, dry surface. If you've got a stage, that's great - but we don't require one! 

We have a stage. What size do you need?

Though we don't require a stage, they are always nice...and make us feel like rockstars! Ideally, the stage should be no smaller than 8x10 for THE SHAVES (5 musicians) - but if you add instruments/musicians we'd enjoy a stage anywhere from an 8x12 to a 12x20.  Let's talk to figure it out! 

Can the musicians play outside?

Yes, but we require cover and a flat, hard, dry surface to play on. Neither rain nor extreme heat (direct sun) play well with musical instruments!